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About Education Blog

This is a personal blogging platform; this particular section has been created to support research-oriented study in every small way possible. We have many good teachers in our society, who really can make difference in teaching by examples, we want to support them whatever little way we can, try to promote them and their work, so more students can connect them directly and learn from them.

In this education blog, we share various education related resources, online courses, information about studying abroad and private tutor in local areas, which may be very helpful to students to learn updated information from multiple resources.

How We Do!

We will be posting articles, tutorials and information related following three areas!

  1. Online Courses
    We publish many online courses from different service providers, suggest you some of the best courses from top university around the world, and some courses we teach, check our online courses.

  2. Studying Abroad
    We publish information about studying abroad; information that will help young students for their preparation, our information may help student and parents to get clear idea about different program, scholarships opportunities, to know about best colleges, universities, also cost of living, hostels, accommodation, and future opportunities and after completing program etc.

  3. Private tutor networks
    If you are teacher, want to provide private tuition to students online and at home! Please register with us as tutor.

Also, share information about some online courses with many free tutorials, so they can learn upfront before travelling, which may open some freelance opportunity for them! We believe that a right opportunity at early age can make big difference; some people don't get even in entire life.

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We are not agent or abroad study service provider, we never charge any fees from student, We publish information to make students more aware about opportunities and possibilities about various education related courses and resources, that students may find very helpful.

Why only study, have some fun

I want to associate with few short filmmakers from diversified background to understand self-sustainability in the field of Arts in informal way! so, here are some baby steps!

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