Tution Service Terms and Conditions for Students

In this platform, we are trying to connect teachers with students in their local area and online, Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before consuming our services.

For Students

Do i need to pay anything to this platform?

No, As a student you can post your query free to connect any teacher, you don't have to pay us anything.

Can i contact any tutor directly?

You can! But your query has to be sent through our system only, we will not reveal tutor’s contact info to any student.

How does it work?

You post your learning requirement on our system; we send your query to relevant tutors matching skills and location. then they contact you.

Do I have to give any commission to this platform?

No, we are not involved in any monetary transaction happens between you any teacher. We are not taking commission from either you or from teacher.

Humble request, please don't create fake profile, and provide genuine information about yourself and subjects you are teaching.

Monetary Transaction and Responsibility:
We are nowhere involved in any monetary transaction between you and student; we don’t take any commission from neither party, so we will not have any responsibility if any dispute happens.

Keep the internet clean and help us to help you better.

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